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Morvena the Mermaid

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Cornwall Paddleboard Co - Morvena the Mermaid

Morvena once sat on a Cornish beach combing her long hair, as many mermaids do. Morvena became so engrossed in her personal grooming that she neglected to notice that the tide had gone out, leaving her stranded. Luckily for her, a farmer heard her cries and carried her back to the water’s edge so she could return to her family beneath the waves. Morvena was so grateful that she granted the farmer three wishes. For his first wish he asked for protection against witchcraft and evil, for his second, that he might be immune to disease and illness, and for his third wish he asked that these gifts may pass on to his children. Morvena not only made his wishes come true, but because she was so impressed with his wish choices she also gave him her comb. If ever he needed her again, she said he must head to the shore and comb the waves three times whilst repeating her name.

*Editors note. There are some versions of the tale of Morvena the Mermaid that states the mermaid granted the farmer four wishes instead of three. For his fourth wish the farmer asked the mermaid for a Paddleboard so he could explore the coast near his home. His wish was granted and legend has it that if you bang your paddle on the water 3 times then Morvena will appear!


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